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DMCA Policy

InsuredVPN does not condone the use of our service to facilitate copyright infringement. We respect and abide by U.S. copyright laws including the requirements of the DMCA and rely on our users to do the same.

InsuredVPN implements an automated virtual private network (“VPN”) service. Our service is fully automated and we do not log our user’s activities. We do not in any way select the recipients our users transmit to or the material our users access while using our service. We do not store, access, or modify any content that our users access while using our service.

As a result, InsuredVPN’s VPN service qualifies as a provider of transitory digital network communications under 17 U.S.C. § 512(a) of the Copyright Act. As we do not store any content accessed by our users, we are unable to delete any such content that may be infringing. Because we do not log our users’ activities in order to protect and respect their privacy, we are unable to identify particular users that may be infringing the lawful copyrights of others.

Repeat Infringer Policy

InsuredVPN complies with copyright laws by terminating repeat infringers of copyrighted content from the VPN service. If you are a copyright owner or agent thereof and you are aware of a repeat infringer of your content using our network, if you inform us of the identity of the user through email address or other identifying means, and we can confirm the claims of repeat infringing activity then we will terminate the account of the repeat infringer in accordance with our repeat infringer policy. If your account is terminated under this Section as a repeat infringer, then you are not allowed to subscribe again to get around the lack of access to the service.